Sales presentation, marketing campaign, product virtual tour, expo display, trade show

Imagine your marketing material delivered to your clients on high-impact immersive cdrom or DVD, fully interactive with your own unique corporate identity. Text, images, sound, animation, video, voice-overs... starting to get the picture.

We develop powerful brand-oriented and corporate identity-oriented packages that are designed to reinforce existing goals and loyalties and to help develop new ones.

Our clients range from prestigious wine estates to financial planning companies. We pride ourselves on our unwaivering commitment to excellence for each client, no matter what the need.

Transform your brochures today.

how do they work?

The basic premise is quite simple. We develop a CD-rom or DVD application about your business or your services based on your unique requirements. You wack the disk into a DVD player, PC or Mac and away you go. You can then just navigate through like you would on any DVD. If you want more copies you can burn your own or we can burn them for you. If you want it updated at a later date we can do that too.

From short 30sec. promos through to complex organic applications - if you can imagine it - we can probably build it.

Your wedding or special event transformed into your favourite dvd

We develop customised dvds for just about any purpose. Our unique packages are ideal for capturing all your wedding memories on one interactive disk, complete with your favourite sound track*. You'll be able to burn additional copies for friends or family, or we can do it for you at minimal extra cost. Plus, these disks can be played on your PC, Mac or even your home dvd player.

Comprehensive Financial Strategies CDROM application cdrom

• Custom built cdrom applications

• Wedding/special events dvds

• Corporate marketing cdroms

• Web promos

• Sales tool applications

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